Business Phone Services in Utah

Precision Wire & Telephone has been providing VOIP phone systems to Utah businesses for over 30 years. Here’s a closer look at some of the key services we’re able to offer our clients.

VOIP Phone SystemsTelephones

VOIP enables a range of communication options over the Internet, including voice calls, voice messaging, text messaging and fax delivery. It allows for more efficient and less expensive communication, making it extremely attractive to many businesses.

Precision Wire & Telephone can provide your business with a VOIP solution that meets its needs, with features designed to complement your everyday business communications.Is your business looking to enjoy the convenience of telephone communication with added features such as caller ID, easy call transferring, conference capabilities and more? A VOIP phone system is just what you need.

Installation, Repair and Service

It seems like every business’ digital infrastructure is growing rapidly these days. If yours is expanding or needs to be serviced to meet your needs, call us. Issues with your phone system can wreak havoc on your ability to conduct business. Precision Wire & Telephone provides fast, efficient and high-quality repairs and troubleshooting services,to ensure our clients’ phone service isn’t interrupted for an extended length of time.

Trusted Telecom Brands

Precision Wire & Telephone is pleased to offer products manufactured by many of the top names in our industry. Among the trusted brands whose products we recommend, install and repair are:

  • Allworx Server/Routers
  • Allworx Telephones
  • Comdial
  • ESI Systems
  • ESI Telephones
  • Legacy Avaya
  • Nortel

If VOIP isn’t right for your business, don’t worry—we also offer standard office telephone system installation. Call us to discuss the variety of options available and how we can integrate them into your telecom environment.

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We hope you’ll trust Precision Wire & Telephone with your business’ important telecommunications needs. To learn more about our services, request a repair or schedule a consultation, please call 801-298-8989.

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