Security Camera Services

When your business needs a CCTV solution or security camera monitoring on-premise, turn to Precision Wire & Telephone for solutions. We have the skills to complete professional security camera installation at your commercial property, whether you need a couple of cameras or a complete network of them.

Hikvision Cameras

We provide state-of-the-art security camera solutions to businesses throughout Utah, using products from Hikvision. Our installers have the ability to install all lines of Hikvision surveillance cameras, including Smart Pro IP Solutions, Value Plus Series and Value Series, and TurboHD Camera models.

From fixed position cameras, to pivoting models, to all-weather installations and even thermal imaging, we get to know your needs and bring you the best products for your budget.

Camera Placement

Companies choose us above other commercial security camera companies in Utah because of our foresight for camera installation. We consult with you on-site and inspect the property to help you determine the best location for camera placement. Our focus is on exposure, with cameras placed strategically to give you the full picture of your facilities. From ingress and egress sites, to perimeter surveillance, to high-value asset monitoring, we’ll make sure your cameras are focused on the right stuff.

Voice And Data Cabling

Networking and Configuration

With IP connected cameras and robust network integration, we turn your surveillance installations into a highly visible CCTV system for you. Whether you have an active monitoring station or want the ability to tune-in remotely, we configure your cameras for cloud and network compatibility—including live feeds, video backups, light and sound integration, and much more.

Need Surveillance Solutions?

Security cameras are a smart investment for everything from employee safety, to accountability, to deterrents for theft and vandalism. Let Precision Wire & Telephone provide your facilities with the interior and exterior security cameras you need to always have an eye on the action. Contact us today at 801-298-8989 for more information about the products we deliver and our approach to security camera services for Utah businesses.

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